Tips for a Great Winter Coat

Vancouver coats

Just got back from a long winter weekend in Vancouver, B.C. where your coat, boots and umbrella make your outfit. I was inspired, and although it’s still warm outside for some, it’s dark by 5:00 these days, so let’s talk coats!

Most people go neutral (black, grey, even white–which looks amazing for a night out, ladies). Totally fine! If you do want color, add it with a scarf, hat or huge earrings. Be sure to get some color in there, even just a bit. It’ll make you stand out in a sea of neutral, and if you’re walking, even keep you safe, cause the cars can see you at night!

Go tailored where you can! Guys, broad shoulders and more fitted at waist and hips. Gals, buttons or a belt at the waist, and then be sure to cinch and button them up. Helps to keep your coat from adding too much bulk.

Not all winter coats need be made of a heavy fabric. In Vancouver, we walked a lot, and I was always warm, so a lighter coat with a scarf and some layering allowed me the flexibility to control my own thermostat. If you’re always cold, go with a heavier fabric, like wool. Also, think precipitation. How often will you be in rain? Or snow? Choose a fabric that will keep those out!

Cut the pocket openings and the coat tails apart before wearing. I want to take scissors to strangers’ clothes when I see that little fabric X on their backside where they’ve not cut the coat tail stitching off. Those stitches are only there to protect the coat’s fabric in transport, so after it’s made its way to you, let it loose!

Make the old new again:
Changing buttons, adding a belt or decorative pin can pull an old coat out of the back of your closet and back into the rotation. Also check the second hand store for “diamonds in the rough” and apply the same techniques.

If you are looking for a new coat, take your time deciding, this can be a great investment. I’m just about due for a new coat myself, but the current one is a classic peacoat that’s lasted over 10 years!

Post pics of your favorite winter coat, or if you’re out shopping, post pics of the potentials.


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