Sarah’s closet

Love this outfit!

This weekend brought another closet clean out opportunity!  My good friend, Sarah, wanted help editing what she already has, and putting together a shopping list for our upcoming excursion.  Sarah is actually really organized.  Her closet is small, and you would be amazed at the volume of clothing she fits into it!  Check out the before shot!

This is the BEFORE shot!

Sarah and I had gone out shopping over a year ago, before she took a big trip to France and before she got pregnant.  Her adorable little guy is about 7 months now, and Sarah is back into her pre-baby clothes!  As she is still nursing, there are a couple of “accommodations” that need to be made, especially with her tops, but all very workable.  Also, she had a few items we had purchased last time that she was still figuring out how to work in.  Take the top she is wearing in the picture above.  She bought one in white and one in navy last time.  But they never seemed to fit right.  The tops have a tie at the waist, and when Sarah tied it in the back (as many ties go), it left all this extra fabric in the front, leaving it looking like a maternity top!

This can't be right!

Tied in the front!

Well, we figured out the top ties in the FRONT!  Now it looks adorable.  And Sarah was really excited to wear it, so now it will be worked back into the rotation.

Another item that we needed to work in, was a great turquoise belt that we bought last time.  It is one of Sarah’s signature colors, a good width for her waist, but just hadn’t been worked in yet.  Here are some different ways to wear it:

Grey lace dress with white tank under.

Grey knit dress

Button down top, white tank, black trousers.

I’m especially excited about the gray lace dress as this is one that needed a little “accommodation” until the nursing phase is over.  So we added the tank, and then the belt provided structure while leaving half the buttons open.  I also really like the one with the trousers, it reminds me of Michelle Obama.  Sarah wasn’t as sold, which is totally fine!  You’ve gotta love what you wear, and even if someone else does, it won’t fly if you don’t.

The time with Sarah flew by, and I’m looking forward to our shopping excursion to fill in some key pieces she needs!



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2 responses to “Sarah’s closet

  1. Keep up the good work and the helpful tips! Once the holidays are over maybe I’ll venture out to add a little to my closet. 😀

    -Sarah T.

  2. Maribeth

    I really like it with the trousers too! You look great, mama.

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