Packing Practically and Practically Packing!

I’m just about packed for my holiday travel, and wanted to share with you some quick tips about maximizing your space when you pack!  It’s an especially good practice this time of year, what with having to transport gifts back and forth, and often having to pack bulkier clothes that you might in any other season due to cold weather.  So here goes:

Space Savers

-Use space bags:  You can get these at the Container Store or Bed, Bath & Beyond (among others).  They shrink your clothes down and allow you to fit a lot more in your luggage.

-Roll your clothes:  Helps maximize space and minimize wrinkles.  I usually fold the clothes in half, and roll from there.

-Pack in color schemes:  One way to get lots of mileage out of your travel wardrobe, is to color coordinate everything.  I like to pack blacks, whites, grays, pinks and denim.  When everything goes together, it helps to minimize the number of clothing items you pack, as well as the number of accessories like jewelry, shoes and handbags.

Color Palette

-If you’re an over-packer:  when everything is packed in your bag, take at least one item out.  Think if you’ll really wear it given all the other choices you have.

-If you under pack:  throw in one frivolous item just because you love it!  Leave some of the practicality at home in favor of bringing along a fav.

-Another way to minimize packing too much, is to book lodging that has laundry facilities.  That way, you can pack half as much and do a wash half way through your trip.

-If you are traveling with a friend or relative who is a similar size and has a similar style, coordinate with him or her so you can trade items throughout your trip.

-Once you arrive:  Be sure to take items out of your suitcase that might wrinkle and hang them right away.  Also (and I’ve been teased for this one), I like to iron everything right when I arrive.  That way, I don’t have to rush and do it right before rushing out to a dinner or event.  But, that may just be best for people like me who find ironing to be relaxing.  At the very least, get them out of the bottom of your bag.  Hanging everything right away will also help to make sure you wear everything you bring because you’ll be looking at it.

Feel free to post your own tips to share.  Wishing you happy and safe travel this holiday!


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One response to “Packing Practically and Practically Packing!

  1. Maribeth

    Ok, Style Smyth, ironing when you arrive? That is nuts:) Love all the other tips though. I need to get those space bags. Have a fun trip and Merry Christmas!

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