Stay classy Santiago!

Jubilation and thanks after emerging from the Chilean mine!


While some might expect a blog about style to be only about fashion and design, I tend to take a broader view of what it means to be stylish.  In fact, so does Webster.  I found a dictionary definition of style that read:  “a  particular, distinctive, or characteristic mode of action or manner of acting:  They do these things in a grand style.”  And no where recently has a grand style been more evident than with the rescue efforts of the Chilean miners.  From the moment they were found at the bottom of a bore hole, those miners were cared for and every attention to detail possible was overseen.  They were given healthy diets, medical care that included oversight by NASA doctors, cable TV piped in so they could keep up with the futbol matches, and transporting of messages from loved ones.  Experts were brought in from at least 10 other countries and multiple disciplines to oversee the engineering of the rescue tube, the Phoenix pod, and the treatment of the men while they waited.  They were even provided certain luxuries like cigarettes.  And while I’m sure at times it was very dark and very lonely down there, not one anti-depressant was administered, as all the reports showed the men in high spirits.

And when it came time to emerge to the surface, the world was there to watch.  We waited anxiously to hear when the rescue could begin, and even if the first miner would make it to the surface safely.  And once he did, to the sounds of cheering and tears, we began to count…2 out, 5 out, 17 out, 22 out….5 more to go, 3 more, 2 more, and finally, the foreman, 54 year old Luis Urzua emerged from the Phoenix, the last man to be pulled from 2,000 feet and 69 days below the earth’s surface.

Through the day and a half of extractions, Chile’s President, Sebastian Pinera was there at the site to greet the men as they emerged.  One man even went back for a second and third hug from his country’s leader.  A leader who made it his top priority to rescue his countrymen (and one Bolivian), and in doing so, put his country back on the world stage for more than its wine and dodgy political history.  A country who will for a while, symbolize hope for the world.  And when it comes to hope, well, it doesn’t get much more stylish than when we come together to help others, don’t you think?


Note:  Since this is a blog that also highlights fashion, you might be interested to know those sunglasses the miners were wearing?  Gifts from Oakley at $180 each!


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