What TO wear!

Many style shows and magazines like to do features on what NOT to wear.  They show regular people, often on the street with their eyes blacked out, wearing things that are are unflattering, out of style, or in poor taste.

Well, this is not going to be that!  In fact, I’m starting a feature that is the opposite of that, a feature that shows you what TO wear!  I will take regular people, in fabulous outfits, and show them off to all of you!

My first What TO Wear feature is from Danielle.  She was captured out at the bars one night, and was rockin’ an amazing belt and white shirt.  She knew how to accent all her best features, and the white was an amazing crisp pop in a sea of black at the bars.  The ruffles and the belt added texture, it was perfect!

Danielle at the Row



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